“Siobhán and I worked together to promote Shocap’s LiViCi Carry Me Home live event and she is incredible! She’s proactive, thorough, thoughtful and sharp. It was a breath of fresh air to work with a fellow communications professional who worked quickly and with a true focus on exposure for our companies. I’m hoping we canContinue reading “Jackie Drumm | LiveSwitch Inc. | Vice President, Public Relations”

Jackie Drumm | LiveSwitch Inc. | Vice President, Public Relations

“Siobhán is a force of nature in Technology Marketing and PR. I first met with Siobhán when she was at IKinema where she almost single-handedly made IKinema and their LiveAction software a household name in the games and real-time animation industry, through PR campaigns that cut across the industry press and events. I got toContinue reading “Athomas Goldberg | Shocap Entertainment: Executive Director | Lifelike and Believable Animation Design: President”

Athomas Goldberg | Shocap Entertainment: Executive Director | Lifelike and Believable Animation Design: President

“I worked with Siobhán putting together a complex international project for the BBC. Siobhán was fantastic in driving everything forward, project managing all the elements, and bringing creative ideas to the table. If you want something done, Siobhán is the one to use!”

Jonathan Coates | BBC, Click Show | Tech Producer and Journalist

“Siobhán was superb at setting up a very complex trans-atlantic mixed reality production for BBC Click requiring a huge amount of problem solving, organisation and imagination. It was a huge success and big thanks for running with it!”

Simon Hancock | BBC Click | Series Editor

“I can highly recommend Siobhan Hofma for PR and Media Relations. She did a fantastic job for us at Color Intelligence. She is extremely professional, fast and has a solid network of valuable media / tech relationships.”

Mark L. Pederson | Color Intelligence | COO and Co-Founder

“Siobhán was a valued member of the Grammatik Agency team during her time as Account Director. She picked up and led a number of our client accounts across the creative technology space – proving to be well organised, solution driven and full of ideas. I’d recommend her if you’re looking for an experienced and personableContinue reading “Glenn Matchett | Grammatik Agency | Managing Director”

Glenn Matchett | Grammatik Agency | Managing Director

“Instinctively Real has proven to be an integral part of our day-to-day activities for our marketing campaign rollout. Siobhán is a strategist with a keen eye on the gaming and tech industry. She’s a tremendous communicator, diligent, organized and a priceless asset to our company. A true collaborator in every sense of the word, weContinue reading “Alejandro Davila | CONICAL Interactive | Producer and Founder”

Alejandro Davila | CONICAL Interactive | Producer and Founder

“Siobhán and myself were involved in many projects together and I have always been impressed by her level of interest, knowledge and enthusiasm. She would be my go-to person for any PR related projects.”

Remco Sikkema | Xsens | Senior Marketing Manager

“Working with Siobhán was a pleasure – she brought a great amount of industry experience, and also made sure to push things into the right direction to significantly improve our marketing.”

Max Limper | Darmstadt Graphics Group | CEO and Co-Founder

“I can only describe the whole experience as a pleasure. Nice to work with someone dedicated and engaged throughout every interaction.”

Steve Lycett | Sumo Digital | Senior Executive Producer | Crackdown 3

“Our experience with Instinctively Real is excellent. Siobhan adds industry expertise, technical knowledge and creativity to our projects. Siobhan’s proactive attitude ensures that we get excellent support and results during every phase of the project.”

Serdal Yeter | Manus VR | Global Marketing Manager

“Building a new mocap studio from the ground up is a huge challenge on many levels. With Siobhán’s experience and deep understanding of the related technologies and workflows, she helped us to identify our niche, and figure out how to better communicate our special skill set to our customers. Her friendly and focused demeanour makesContinue reading “Niklas Bothe | OnPoint Studios | Head of Motion Capture”

Niklas Bothe | OnPoint Studios | Head of Motion Capture

“Siobhan is a highly motivated, very organised, very conscientious and a hard working person with a solid work ethic. Siobhan has succeeded in various roles with IKINEMA, from Sales to Marketing to the most recent role of Head of PR and Communications. Siobhan has demonstrated creative thinking and amazing copy writing and communication skills. IContinue reading “Alexandre Pechev | IKINEMA | CEO”

Alexandre Pechev | IKINEMA | CEO

“She constantly impressed me and the team with her creativity, professionalism, adaptability, and ability to think outside-the-box in handling every situation. Siobhan has exceptional skill at communicating with both technical and non technical teams. I would consider her a valuable asset who would be able to contribute to any team she works with.”

Ahmed Elhassairi | IKINEMA | Technical Director



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