Instinctively Real Media wins Best Live Immersive Entertainment Company for APAC

Global Marketing and PR agency for Media and Entertainment, games and XR takes home the UK’s Technology Innovator Awards 2022

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, Mar 9, 2023 – Instinctively Real Media, a niche global marketing and communications agency specialising in immersive experiences, video games, VFX, virtual production, motion capture, real-time animation, digital humans, virtual avatars and high performance technologies has recently received the Technology Innovator Awards 2022 hosted by Innovation in Business.

Hand-picked by a select R&D team, awardees must demonstrate evidence of expertise within a given field; dedication to customer and client service, satisfaction, and retention plus on-going commitment to providing excellent work.

“As sole victor of this category I’m thrilled Instinctively Real Media is awarded the accolade Best Live Immersive Entertainment Company – APAC. Since 2010 I’ve led at the intersection of real-time technology and storytelling championing many bleeding-edge studios and creators the likes of The Void, ILMxLab and Epic Games’ on Starwars™: Secrets of The Empire, Tree VR by New Reality Co., Supermassive Games, global brand activations, Virtual YouTubers and even astronaut training and simulation in VR with NASA and Lockheed Martin. The incredible teams who seek IRM’s expertise are pioneers, experimentalists, creative artists and technologists who endeavour to bring their inspiring experiences and next-gen tech to life. Instinctively Real Media is excited to continue supporting the industries and play an important role in shaping our new world of interactive media today, the future of the Metaverse, Web3 and beyond.”

Siobhán Hofma | Founder | Instinctively Real Media

Tree VR by New Reality Co. in association with Rainforest Alliance: A multi-sensory, fully immersive interactive VR experience transforms participants from seedling through to rainforest tree and its catastrophic fate using Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets.

“Siobhán Hofma has been supporting numerous immersive experiences and playing an integral role in creating building blocks for the industry. We had the pleasure of collaborating with Siobhán Hofma on our project, Tree VR. Siobhán’s expertise and support have been invaluable to the success of the project. We are grateful for her contribution and this award is a testament to her innovative work.”

Milica Zec | Co-Founder, New Reality Co. and Head of Creative Strategy and Experiences, The Sandbox

Instinctively Real Media regularly champions and advises global brands the likes of Animatrik Film Design and Shocap Entertainment of Vancouver, BC and Montréal’s The 7 Fingers in the premiere of XR hybrid concert, LiViCi: Carry Me Home; VR and games studio Conical Interactive in Auckland, New Zealand; CARGO: A Virtual Theatrical Performance by Onpoint Studios headquartered in Berlin; and XR hand and whole body motion capture specialists, MANUS in The Netherlands. For customers, the company has forged important partnerships with industry titans such as BBC, Epic Games and Unreal Engine, Z by HP, LiveSwitch, NVIDIA, Unity, and more.

“Shocap Entertainment creates captivating live and immersive virtual experiences where we produce powerful XR shows through the mix of exquisite storytelling with highly developed technical skills – we’re proud our audiences experience enthralling and emotionally engaging shows every time. It’s imperative to work with an industry expert such as Instinctively Real Media who not only champions our artistry but has deep understanding of technology developments and the industries we thrive in. Siobhán navigated a complicated partner collaboration to launch our world-wide premiere, LiViCi: Carry Me Home, the groups flagship hybrid extended reality concert.”

Athomas Goldberg | Co-Founder | Shocap Entertainment

Introducing TrailblaXR by Instinctively Real Media, the company’s new B2B service designed to connect service providers with new projects and amplify content creators and investment-ready businesses trailblazing the sectors of motion capture, animation, games, hyper-realistic 3D avatars, XR (VR, AR, MR), film, VFX, software/hardware and digital artist communities. Expressions of interest please contact, TrailblaXR@InstinctivelyReal.com.

About Instinctively Real Media
Instinctively Real Media is an award-winning global Marketing, PR and Creative agency headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, founded in 2020 by Siobhán Hofma. The company is uniquely placed for global marketing and communications across industry sectors of games, Media and Entertainment, motion capture, live immersive experiences, real-time animation, digital humans and virtual characters, training & simulation and high-performance technologies. TrailblaXR B2B service amplifies and connects service providers with new projects and showcases investment-ready brands. During Siobhan’s 10 year tenure she led at IKINEMA, a UK software firm specialising in real-time animation and motion capture; the company was acquired by Apple, Inc. in 2019.

Siobhán’s career portfolio includes Animatrik, AltspaceVR, Digital Domain, Epic Games, Framestore, Google Stadia, Globo, Gree, Linden Lab Sansar, LiveSwitch, Lockheed Martin CHIL, MANUS, Microsoft Studios, NASA Hybrid Reality Lab, NVIDIA Holodeck, Pixotope Technologies, Shocap Entertainment, Sumo Digital, Tencent NExT, The Void, Xsens and many more.

For more information, please visit the Instinctively Real Media website.
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SymbionIQ Labs at ETHDenver 2023

SymbionIQ Labs are the incredible developers of the next-generation in Health and Fitness real-time technology solutions. Unveiled for the first time at ETHDenver 2023 is development of NeoTrakR™ , the latest in modern wearable motion capture hardware with accurate and live-synced whole-body movement tracking software. Plus NeoMoov™, the intelligent virtual training App equipped with life-like 3D avatar animations, rich virtual environments and digital sports equipment and accessories all aimed at fitness professionals and enthusiasts for anywhere, anytime fitness – today and in the Metaverse.

The company is set to democratise health and fitness by creating a new class of digital asset and powering the movement creator economy with cutting-edge their proprietary motion capture technology, life-like avatars and real-time virtual fitness training platform built on decentralized blockchain technologies.

SymbionIQ Labs, NeoMoov and NeoTrackR technologies – empowers fitness trainers and movement professionals with innovative real-time tools to create online lessons and expand audiences virtually and from everywhere

Book closed-door meetings: Jean-Philippe Diel – jp.diel@symbioniq.com
Friday, 24th February – Sunday, 5th March, 2023

Book closed-door meetings: Jean-Philippe Diel – jp.diel@symbioniq.com
Date: Friday, 10th March – Wednesday, 15th March 2023

Book closed-door meetings: Jean-Philippe Diel – jp.diel@symbioniq.com
Date: Wednesday, 26th – Friday, 28th April 2023