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Instinctively Real Media is a culmination of more than 20 years experience within the media industry. Siobhán has worked both in-house and agency side for large firms through to medium-small studios, Ad agencies and technology start-up. This included leading the Creative Services design team for a global children’s animation, licensing and merchandising network. Her roles within media have spanned PR and communications, sales and marketing, copywriting and storytelling, social media, digital and print content generation, brand development, business development, event management, product launches, website design and management, video, graphic design, advertising and photography.

Siobhán launched Instinctively Real Media at the beginning of 2020 working with innovative clients Manus VR, OnPoint Studios, and CONICAL Interactive Studio specialists in the fields of motion capture, animation, VR and AR. Joining Grammatik Agency in London she led accounts for the likes of Xsens, Animatrik Film Design, Shocap Entertainment, DI4D, and DGG RapidCompact. Siobhán successfully pitched and led BBC Click’s incredible first ever XR Jazz performance by Shocap Entertainment and Animatrik ft. Jill Barber and her Phantom Jazz Band, broadcast to the world on Christmas day. The production was Grammatik’s first BBC win, making the show a huge success for all involved and an exciting 2020 finale!

BBC Clickmas 2020 Special featuring the first ever XR Jazz performance global broadcast

During her 10 year tenure Siobhán was a key member at IKINEMA, a cutting-edge real-time inverse kinematics and procedural animation software company that provided realistic and natural motion to bring 3D animated characters to life. Used by professionals in games, motion capture, visual effects, post production, live virtual production, broadcast, film and TV, LBVR, animation, enterprise, AR and other immersive industries. After a freelance period to kick-start the company’s Brand and Marketing, she officially joined IKINEMA in 2011 as Sales and Marketing Executive where she spearheaded the Marketing, Communications and Creative operations, finishing her tenure as Head of PR and Communications when the company was acquired by Apple, Inc. in 2019. She was integral to pave the way along with her colleagues to strengthen the company’s foothold into well established industry sectors. She succeeded in shaping the IKINEMA brand, tone of voice, developed messaging and stakeholder reputation through multi-level narrative, forged longstanding partnerships, identify customer and industry problems to launch their software solutions to market whilst championing customers and partners. With Siobhán’s passion to combine creative and technical vision, with a forward thinking and problem-solve approach to minimise user effort and cost, and ability to identify gaps in markets, she additionally provided numerous innovative and advanced real-time technology ideas and concepts that saw integration and harnessed to develop new product and framework solutions, bringing in smarter animation methods and prompting new trends, such as INTiMATE– control and interact with 3D characters by voice and text commands in real-time via an animation library of pre-set motion behaviours.

Siobhán worked with major global companies, creative artists and studios, technology partners, development teams and influencers who pioneer bleeding-edge real time technology and creative projects that strive for realism. She has been involved in numerous innovative projects which has seen the evolving digital human such as the latest in hyper-realism demonstrated by Digital Domain and Digital Human Group’s stunning real-time virtual human at TED Talk 2019.

Image credit: VR Scout. Digital Humans That Look Just Like Us: Digital Domain and Digital Human Group, a first-of-kind real-time presentation. Company brand and product awareness campaign promoting full-body motion, streaming and retargeting live virtual production technology alongside technology partner collaboration . View the full Doug Roble video on TED.com

Siobhán has worked with Rede Globo in Brazil during the live TV broadcast of augmented reality football heroes during the 2018 World Cup in Brazil and animated athletes at Rio Olympics 2016; the rise of the Virtual YouTuber phenomenon with technology collaborators GREE, Wright Flyer Live Entertainment, Xsens and StretchSense live performance during RealTime Live! SIGGRAPH in Japan.

The innovative Kite & Lightning Bebylon virtual baby character winning the 2018 RealTime Live! Award at SIGGRAPH Los Angeles.

Silver Spoon Animation for their widely successful Planter’s Superbowl social media content and Cheetos Clapback. Unique interactive art installation The Return showcased at The New York Metropolitan Museum also featured by WSJ and in The NY Times; first ever live performance of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice by Ninja Theory winning Best Real-Time Graphics & Interactivity Award at SIGGRAPH 2016.

Siobhán championed a multitude of highly talented game studios and iconic publishers worldwide including Microsoft Studios and Sumo Digital Crackdown 3.

Tencent NEXT, Square Enix Kingdom Hearts III, Nintendo Switch, Supermassive Games, Quantic Dream Detroit: Become Human, Koch Media, Bandai Namco and Tarsier Studios Little Nightmares.

Phoenix Labs Dauntless, Archiact Evasion; technology giants Google Stadia, Epic Games and the Unreal Engine, HTC VIVE, Foundry and SAUCE, not forgetting NVIDIA and their VR collaboration platform, Holodeck. Siobhán raised awareness for those in Enterprise the likes of NASA Hybrid Reality Lab, Lockheed Martin CHIL, and Serious Simulations for their efforts in critical virtual reality training by astronauts, engineers and the forces. She collaborated with Visual Effects teams at major production houses, creators of blockbuster movies such as VFX powerhouse Framestore for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Bladerunner 2049 and The Kingsman: The Golden Circle, along with Digital Domain, DNEG, Dreamworks, Disney and more. Siobhán promoted numerous virtual reality experiences such as highly acclaimed Star Wars™: Secrets of The Empire by The Void, ILMxLab, and Epic Games.

Social VR platforms Linden Lab Sansar, and Microsoft’s Altspace VR featuring virtual celebrities including real-time virtual production partnerships for live broadcast with The Future Group for Pixotope during NAB Show 2019, and Zero Density for their Reality Engine at IBC 2018; numerous award winners and storytellers of live virtual theatre premiered at Sundance Film Festival, Future of Storytelling, Phi Montréal, Tribeca: DV Group‘s Alice: The Virtual Reality Play and The Horrifically Real Virtuality, Tree VR by New Reality Co., Chained: A Victorian Nightmare by Aaron Simms and MWM Immersive, Baobab Studios’ Jack, and more; along with numerous outstanding collaborations and events presentations with motion capture and VR partners HTC VIVE, Vicon, Xsens, Optitrack, Manus VR, StretchSense and Mo-sys.

Siobhán strove to bring industry attention to the learnings and creations by educational institutes, their students and spin-outs. A cross section: Film Akademie, University of Portsmouth, UCA Farnham, Trinity College Dublin and Volograms, The Rookies–the non-professional artists platform, New York University, Escape Studios, and University of Bradford.

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