SymbionIQ Labs at ETHDenver 2023

SymbionIQ Labs are the incredible developers of the next-generation in Health and Fitness real-time technology solutions. Unveiled for the first time at ETHDenver 2023 is development of NeoTrakR™ , the latest in modern wearable motion capture hardware with accurate and live-synced whole-body movement tracking software. Plus NeoMoov™, the intelligent virtual training App equipped with life-like 3D avatar animations, rich virtual environments and digital sports equipment and accessories all aimed at fitness professionals and enthusiasts for anywhere, anytime fitness – today and in the Metaverse.

The company is set to democratise health and fitness by creating a new class of digital asset and powering the movement creator economy with cutting-edge their proprietary motion capture technology, life-like avatars and real-time virtual fitness training platform built on decentralized blockchain technologies.

SymbionIQ Labs, NeoMoov and NeoTrackR technologies – empowers fitness trainers and movement professionals with innovative real-time tools to create online lessons and expand audiences virtually and from everywhere

Book closed-door meetings: Jean-Philippe Diel –
Friday, 24th February – Sunday, 5th March, 2023

Book closed-door meetings: Jean-Philippe Diel –
Date: Friday, 10th March – Wednesday, 15th March 2023

Book closed-door meetings: Jean-Philippe Diel –
Date: Wednesday, 26th – Friday, 28th April 2023

Published by Siobhan Hofma

Bringing over 20 years of media industry expertise and sheer tenacity. I have extensive experience ranging from PR and communications, sales and marketing, creative direction, brand development, product management, storytelling and copywriting, digital content creation, design for print and online, advertising, events, client and partner portfolio growth and business development. I spearheaded the Marketing, Comms and Creative operations for IKINEMA during a 10 year tenure. With sound analytical and communication skills I was an integral team member to IKINEMA's success driving the company from start-up to industry leader. As a natural problem solver with critical and lateral thinking, I contributed innovative real-time technology ideas which were harnessed for the company's future advancement and usability of its real-time procedural animation and inverse kinematic IP and products. Industry verticals and specialities: Interactive virtual characters, 3D animation, real-time procedural animation, inverse kinematics, Game development, Motion Capture, Immersive Experiences, Virtual YouTubing, Location Based VR, XR, VFX, Film, TV Broadcast, Pre-vis and Post Production, Real-time Virtual Production, Enterprise, Training and Simulation, Academia and more.

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