Instinctively Real Media speaks at GatherVerse SHE Summit 2023

The Future of Innovation and Leadership – Metaverse, Web3 and intersectional emerging technologies

Join IRM Founder, Siobhan Hofma and international industry peers as they bring global expressions of the metaverse, web3, intersectional emerging technologies and humanity to this all women Power Panel S.H.E – Super Human Engine, a GatherVerse summit hosted by Christopher Lafayette the organisations Founder and Emergent Technologist. Via the GatherVerse.Live platform the summit is set to gather 1000+ attendees with 45+ speakers, 7+ sessions across 7 focuses.

The Future of Innovation and Leadership
– One hour Power Panel discussion
Women in the Metaverse: Siobhan Hofma, Zada Beasley, Sonya Seddarasan, Max Noir, Daria Fedko
Andrea Camargo
Tickets: Eventbrite, reserve your free spot
Where: Online
Date and Time, PST: January 10, 2023 at 12:00 PM PST
Date and Time, NZST: January 11, 2023 at 09:00AM NZST

Hear from global women experts as they collectively define the women of the metaverse ecosystem and the importance of a “Humanity-First” approach towards building it.

Super Hero Engine is a GatherVerse event that unites women of the metaverse, web3 and intersectional emerging technologies.

We celebrate feminine strength through community. This engine is fueled by collective girl power who desire to create a more inclusive and representative future.

S.H.E. summit invites women from different cultural backgrounds and extends the voices of many of our everyday superheroes that are building the metaverse today through the engine of humanity.

We envision a future where women in tech are equal partners in creating and shaping industry, and are respected and valued for their contributions with equal opportunity to succeed.

We believe that by supporting and empowering women in tech, will foster a more inclusive and innovative minded industry. Our aim is to create spaces where women can share their stories, learn from each other in their career journey.